We have collected some of our favourite recipes for you to try yourself, absolutely
free. We have personally tried every recipe here and have thoroughly enjoyed them

From simple, quick and easy dishes to whip up after a hard days work, to more
complex and time consuming masterpieces to wow your friends and impress the
family, we have them all here.

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Lasagna - A filling and heart warming classic dish. Takes a
bit of time to prepare but well worth the effort.
Crusty Garlic Bread - Quick, easy and delicious. Everyone loves
it and homemade tastes so much better than store bought.
Homemade Pasta - From noodles to Lasanga sheets, homemade pasta
is worth the extra effort. Simple, but it does take time to make.
Carbonara - A rich, creamy and easy to make dish.
Yummy Eggy Roll-Ups - Simple and fast to make, but make sure you
make lots because they'll be coming back for more over and over!
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